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Operating System

Integrated planning and scheduling –


We create and maintain state-of-the-art integrated planning to steer effectively daily project activities. This implies we create a state-of-the-art planning by combining information from all stakeholders involved. We then compress overall project duration, by optimizing/ parallelizing individual activities, identify and remove roadblocks. We also update planning with stakeholders – implement a recurrent updating/ cascading system in order to keep planning up to date and steer project activities. 

Risk management –


We implement a risk management system including risks related to “compression” actions identified. We describe the Event, Cause and Impact and apply 5M to classify the possible root cause of impact. We analyse and evaluate the risks mitigation and we execute the mitigation actions. We also monitor periodically and identify new risks.


Business case and overall targets setting –


We develop a detailed, neutral, time-based business case taking into consideration main technical, economic and financial indicators and we recurrently update the business case before each key decision.

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Management infrastructure

Performance management system –


We enable effective decision-making and steering of activities by creating full transparency and real-time information flow. This implies that we propose, design and implement a “War Room” to manage the project, and we run the performance dialog system defining project team meetings frequencies, dashboards to measure % of progress, % task completion vs. planned etc. We also set series of KPIs to be escalated or shared within the project team. 

Governance and team organization –


We ensure best organization and collaborative team dynamics by improving mindsets, behaviours and capabilities. This includes implementing strong global organizations and project team leader, defining roles and clarifying roles and responsibilities for process decision making. 

Stage gate and decision-making process –


We ensure quality of decisions with a solid stage gate process. We define and implement stage gates according to the main project milestones. We also list decisions to be taken, support documents needed, end products after each decision, stakeholders and related RACI matrix for each decision.

Mindset and Behaviour

Project team collaboration, motivation and

capabilities –


We want to be sure key stakeholders, people on site, and external partners are all motivated and know about the project. To enable it, we leverage personal and team incentives to motivate the project team, including celebrations for each project milestone. We conduct official communications with existing tools related to project and we dedicate training sessions for project team in case of needs.

Contractors management –


We align stakeholders’ objectives by defining an optimal contracting/re-negotiating strategy and by ensuring efficient change-order and claim management process.

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