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1.0 Program:

Cash Focused

Cash is king. Smart, lean, and intense, disciplined management of cash is always the foundation of transformation.


In 1.0 Program, we will do everything to improve free cash flow – this includes a review of your working capital (AR, AP, and inventory) in order to find quick wins for optimization, as well as a review of your Capex Investment schedule in order to prioritize critical projects. We will further investigate into your IT system in order to enable a reinforced IT platform for full data transparency.

2.0 Program:

Ops Focused

Value chain optimization produces highest output and highly satisfied customers with lowest total costs. 

2.0 Program focuses on supply chain enhancement, process excellence, smart Capex, as well as G&A optimization – all with the common objective to achieve operational excellence. Further IT improvement (Information Technology 2.0) is also part of the program to enhance the platform to support value creation program.

3.0 Program:

Growth Focused

Driving growth, market share gains and margin expansion is core to working "up" the P&L.

In 3.0 Program, we leverage customer insight and refocus the business to capture share of wallet in existing products/ customers, and we apply business's existing capabilities to capture new market opportunities. We improve pricing and expand margin through advanced analytical tools and we drive sales force effectiveness. All for one objective – growth. Furthermore, we explore synergistic acquisitions for inorganic growth. We help define add-on acquisition strategies, e.g. vertical/ horizontal, geographical expansion etc. and subsequently we support to execute and realize synergies at an accelerated pace. 

4.0 Program:

Technology Focused

4.0 Program focuses on deployment of the right technology to the portfolio company. Right technology paves right foundations for the business and prevents value erosion, positioning the business for future growth, and driving business performance and EBITDA. Right technology is a combination of mature and differentiated IT tools.

Mature, defined IT tools are those which are embedded in daily business operations. They provide business transparency, allowing for business decisions in a timely manner. Some examples are ERP, MRP etc.

Differentiated IT tools are those which drive business growth. Tools such as CRM, product and process digitization will unlock the technical profile and capability of the portfolio company, which will help improve enterprise value and increase multiple potential. 

5.0 Program: 

Business Process Optimization (BPO)

We optimize performance across portfolio companies through process improvements and outsourcing in order to achieve executional excellence.

Traditional supporting functions such as HR, Finance and IT are common functions for BPO. Other functions such as supply chain, engineering, R&D are becoming more and more popular targets for BPO. In 5.0 Program, we support to define activities on a local/ regional/ global level and we connect you to global providers for activities which are to be BPO-ed. Our goal is to achieve significantly improved, simplified and reliable processes with significant cost savings.

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